Good For You Butter

Now For


a nut butter that

is good for you!


Good For You Butter is a nutritious blended nut butter offering pure ingredients (just nuts and a dash of Sea Salt) without any additives or sugar.


The ingredients in this nut butter are:  Organic Dry Roasted Almonds, Organic Dry Roasted Cashews, Organic Dry Roasted Hazelnuts, Roasted Brazil Nuts, Roasted Pepitas, Hemp seeds, Organic Chia seeds and Himalayan Sea Salt.





Welcome to my website!  My name is Michaela and I’m the owner of “Good For You Butter”.  I created GFYB because I love eating wholesome foods and wanted to produce a genuinely healthy product that the public could enjoy and benefit from.  My philosophy thrives on leading a health-conscious lifestyle and helping others to do the same.

I’m a first generation proud Mexican woman!  I grew up on the South Side of Chicago and didn’t speak a lick of English until I was 5!  I’m a mother of two beautiful children, a board certified nurse practitioner, and soon to be certified as a personal trainer. I recently made the move to sunny So-Cal.  I lifelong dream that I took the initiative to make come true. 

My Daily Routine

I'm pretty simple.  I work as a nurse practitioner specializing in both Integrative and Primary Care Clinics.  I'm happy to say that I sincerely love both of my jobs.  My responsibilities in Primary Care mainly consist of managing patients with Diabetes and other chronic conditions.  On another spectrum, as an Integrative nurse practitioner, I work in a clinic which specializes in injection therapy, weight loss, nutritional counseling, and hormone analysis.  I try and hit the gym daily, it is a priority because I make it one.  I’m not a big fan of cardio but love strength training. Fitness is my drug, I need it, I want it and I’m just not my best without it (like coffee)…my other fix.



Pursue your desires, they are attainable!!!

I started as an RN and years later decided to pursue my Masters in Nursing.  My speciality and passion is Women's Health, because our lady parts are fabulous and shouldn't be stigmatized by society. My ultimate drive was to empower my patients with the belief that their healthcare needed to become a priority.  Health really is wealth!

Only you make up your limitations!  I try to live my life knowing that the mind, body, and spirit are all intertwined.  When I get off track I take the time to reflect on all that I have to be grateful for and I mediate, it has changed my world!  My belief is that an “Attitude of Gratitude” is the secret to happiness. 


Besides My Children...

Ice Cold Latte’s with Oat milk (I gave up coffee for 4 months which was almost the death of me.) 


Making simple and elaborate dinners that take triple the cooking time and are ready to eat by bedtime!  I prepare my food with love, oh and lots of garlic. 


Spending time with irreplaceable and cherished friends


Laughter…lots of it


Triple cream brie cheese and a good Pinot Noir (I have cheat days too)


Traveling internationally and exploring different cultures


The sun and the ocean, I have to live near both of them, they are my oxygen. 


Inspiring people to be the best version of themselves!