bowl with oatmeal with rasberries, blueberries, and a dollup of nut butter

a healthy alternative

Good For You Nut Butter contains a healthy source of proteins, fats, and fiber.  Vitamins A, B, and E are just some of the nutrients of consuming nut butters.  As an antioxidant Vitamin E protects polyunsaturated fats from free radicals, which cause damage to your DNA.  While vitamins A and B support a healthy immune system, and promote healthy brain function.

Besides tasting delicious, Good For You Butter has no added sugars!  Additionally, Good For You Butter has 6 grams of protein and 3 net carbohydrates per serving. Additionally, the glycemic load of nut butter is low, which means that it will not spike your blood sugar levels. 

As a health practitioner, it is my belief that sugar is a major detriment and is associated with a host of ailments including but not limited to diabetes, morbid obesity, and cardiovascular disease. 

If you ask me eating a poor diet filled with processed foods and leading a sedentary lifestyle is a welcome wagon to non-optimal health. 


Personally, my favorite way to eat Good For You Butter is on Honey Crisp apples or on celery.  But I’ve heard customers love it in their smoothies, toast, oatmeal, or just by the spoonfuls!  


Here are a few consumer testimonials:

“What a hearty, tasty, spread! I enjoy the texture along with the blend of flavors.”  T. Burds


 “This nut butter is amazing.  Honestly, eating healthy never tasted so good.  Delicious!”  S. Manzella


“I love this nut butter, it’s on point!” H. Burns


Working out is a part of my daily routine. I am committed to it because it is a true investment in my happiness. I wasn’t always though. After my second pregnancy I struggled to lose my baby weight and it was so frustrating. I was overweight, always tired, and I didn’t feel good about myself. I’d workout but the number on the scale essentially didn’t change.


I realized after a few years what I was doing wrong! I was eating all the wrong foods. This is easy to do when you’re socializing and having a good time. My motto is everything in moderation including moderation. I still enjoy the foods I love but I’m disciplined about it 90% of the time.

I have tried Keto, Paleo, and Mediterranean dietary lifestyles.  What worked best for me for fat loss was 16/8 intermittent fasting.  I was able to shed that extra “fluff” with IF and notice the extra benefit of cognitive enhancement.  Intermittent fasting can be more economical, and allows me to get more accomplished in my day. Additionally,  Intermittent Fasting can be effective for some hormonal imbalances, including Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and insulin resistance.  


I still intermittent fast, although I’ve altered my time eating windows.  I was losing more weight than I wanted to. My current goal is to gain more muscle. Yes ladies, you need to eat to grow that bum! I should make it very clear that IF does not mean reducing your calories, it’s crucial that you understand the mechanism of how this works, and that it is not through calorie depletion.  I have altered my workouts as well, which means I increased the intensity of my strength training.  This includes lifting heavy and shorter reps.


I do not count calories; and I stopped weighing myself.  What matters to me is how I feel and how my clothes fit. Counting Macros may work for many people, but it’s just not for me.  I keep my carb intake low on most days, although I do not restrict myself anymore. I choose the right type of carbs to eat, which means that they are complex carbs not simple.  

Every now and then, I have a cheat day, where I eat everything that isn’t tied down (just kidding); I’m just more lenient with myself.   I love to cook so I’ll use this day to make something I wouldn’t normally eat, like my homemade Bolognese sauce. I’ll share some of my favorite recipes here in the near future. 


When a patient asks me which “diet” is the best there simply is not one that I recommend for everyone.  Let me also clarify by “diet” I mean a lifestyle, because we all know that diets do not work, this is a commitment to your health.  I believe what works best varies individually. If one person believes that Keto or Paleo makes them feel amazing and they’re happy with that, then by all means continue doing that. 


My number one piece of advice is to avoid processed sugars, refined grains, excess alcohol consumption, and for the love of yourself please quit smoking!  These are all toxic to your health. 





athletic woman looking at camera
athletic woman looking at camera

woman in workout clothes smiling
woman in workout clothes smiling

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young woman with long brown hair

athletic woman looking at camera
athletic woman looking at camera